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RICK FRANCISCO was born in Greenville, South Carolina, spent his childhood in Pana, IL, and has  resided in Phoenix, AZ since 1970.  He has been drawing and painting for over 30 years having given away most of his artwork to friends. What Inspired Me, when in preschool, my favorite time of day was when I was allowed to draw and paint.  In first grade in Pana, IL, kids were drawing faces on their desks.  

To me it looked really bad and I thought I could do better than that.

While the teacher was out of the room I drew a face with teeth showing.

The whole class was watching how I was doing it, and they loved it.

When the teacher walked back into the classroom she noticed the whole class around my desk, and with a loud voice everyone was back in their seats.

She came over to my desk and saw what I had done to my desk top.

That's when I got in trouble for the first time in school.

It didn't discourage me, though.

Because I liked drawing better than doing the required school studies. I flunked first grade.

I continued drawing over the years.

In my early 30's an old friend from high school said I should try painting because of my natural artistic ablity.

I experimented with different mediums and found I enjoyed it and was good at it.

Today, although I continue to draw with ink, standard and colored pencils in addition to chalk, I occasionally work with oil paints, gouache and watercolors.

My preference is creating artwork from my home studio using acrylic medium.  

My work is an expression of my inner thoughts to evoke calmness in the viewer.  I'm hoping with my paintings, the viewer will feel cloaked in a sense of serenity, whereby, they experience themselves as being in the scene as one with the image where time stands still; a daydream of  memories.


What Keeps Me Inspired

As a juried member of the Arizona Artist's Guild ( AAG ) I've been featured as Artist of the Month. 

My first year of entering works in the annual Arizona State Fair Fine Art's competition, I won 3rd place.

 I've been on exhibit at numerous galleries in Phonix, AZ and I'm involved with various International Artistic groups having entered and won painting challenges, as well as on-going involvement and exposure on Facebook.

In addition, I was commissioned by a Space Shuttle Astronaut Commander to create a painting of the plant Neptune and the Milky Way Galaxy that continues to be displyed in his home today.


My Overall Goal

Is to have one of my paintings accepted in one of two places

 ( or both ) :

The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

 ( and / or ) 

The White House, Washington, DC

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